Community Connection

Community activities like hiking, volunteering, intramural sports, and visiting Denver’s hottest attractions are offered each day. The city is our muse, our playground, and our classroom. Learning experiences, cultural events, educational activities and group discussions help our clients obtain important skills like travel safety, money management, and accessing resources in the community. Fun-filled social events like picnics, dances, matinee movies, barbecues and day trips foster a sense of community, and help our clients develop meaningful relationships through shared experiences.



site-based activities

Our newly-remodeled base sites are conveniently located in central Aurora. We offer two specialized habilitation base site locations for adults with developmental disabilities. Base 1, located on East Mississippi Avenue, features a gaming lounge equipped with a jumbo flat-screen TV, Netflix, and a PlayStation3 gaming system. A variety of video games and movies are available for clients to enjoy.

Base 1

Our Mississippi Avenue location boasts a fully-stocked craft studio, a relaxation room, a conference room for group events and matinee movies, and a full kitchen for meal preparation and cooking classes. We just added a rec room, where clients can play pool, Ping-Pong, indoor basketball, bowling and mini-golf. Base 1 also features a career center equipped with a state-of-the-art laptop computer, and access to a printer and fax machine. Staff can offer guidance, mentoring and assistance in seeking and obtaining employment.

Supported employment services, educational activities, classes and group discussions are available, to help clients develop job skills, participate in mentoring sessions and build their confidence with mock interviews. It is our goal to assist our clients in obtaining meaningful careers, furthering their education, and increasing independent living skills.

Base 2

Our Joliet Street location features a fully equipped game room, with a multi-game table featuring Ping-Pong, Foosball, pool, air hockey and more. Board games, cards and art supplies are also on hand, along with a computer and printer and a small library.

A state-of-the-art gaming lounge is also available at our Joliet Street location, featuring a large flat-screen TV, a PlayStation4 gaming system, and a variety of video games and movies.

The Book Nook Reading Room, located at Base 2, is a peaceful place to read, write, dream and meditate. Our little library is always growing, as we work to create a wide selection of books and resources to capture clients’ imaginations. Escape into a book, learn something new, and write your own success story!

Money Matters

Many of our clients are interested in obtaining supported employment, and learning to manage their finances. Budgeting, participating in real-time transactions, and money management skills are incorporated into our day program activities. Each week, clients will have the opportunity to practice their budgeting skills at their favorite restaurants, malls and stores, including a once-weekly visit to Golden Corral for lunch on us. Handling money safely, saving for larger purchases, and balancing a budget will be covered in our educational group discussions and classes. Staff is always on hand to answer questions, help clients manage transactions in the community, and advise on getting the best value for their money.

Trained, knowledgeable staff work with our clients to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Volunteer and supported employment opportunities will be offered, for those interested in giving back to the community or finding a job. Build your confidence through participating in mock interviews and training sessions, get help with job applications, or search for employment opportunities in our Career Center. Our supported employment services are designed to assist people with disabilities in finding meaningful employment, building job skills, and fostering independence.


What’s Cooking?

Our Mississippi Avenue Base is equipped with a full kitchen, so clients can prepare meals and snacks. Cooking classes will be offered several times a month, with a special focus on healthy, affordable recipes that are easy to prepare. Science, math and reading skills will be put to the test in real-life situations, as clients learn to prepare delicious, nutritious treats from scratch. Kitchen basics like safety, hygiene, proper food handling instructions, doubling a recipe, following directions, and measuring ingredients will be practiced in an informal, hands-on environment. Our staff will team with the Program Director to ensure that clients have all the help they need to learn to create healthy, delicious meals on a budget. Each class will be followed by a group meal, including a tasting panel and discussions on various related topics. Soup’s on!