Spirit Week!

Join Us For Spirit Week!


Monday 9/25 Stuffed Animal Day

Bring your favorite stuffy along for the ride!


Tuesday 9/26 Music Day

Wear your favorite band gear or bring an instrument to play in the park!


Wednesday 9/27 Movie Day

Dress as your favorite movie character keep it simple with a t-shirt or hat.


Thursday 9/28 Outdoors Day

Get ready for a walk on the wild side with your hiking shoes and outdoor gear


Friday 9/29 Polka Dot Day

The more dots the better! We’ll all be seeing spots today!

Money, Money, Money, Money... MONAY!!!!




Yesterday, we had the opportunity to take a trip to the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank
located in Metro Denver.



We were able to enjoy several interactive displays and even design our own money! We learned a lot about money and the way it is used today.


We were also able to see coins and bills that are no longer used. We saw $100,000 bill and then we all tried to see if we could tell the difference between a real and a counterfeit $20.

We had a lot of fun and we learned a lot about money!