New Genesis Carnival Day & One Year Anniversary 2018

We are happy to announce the June 19, 2018 was our 1 year anniversary! There's not a better way to celebrate than to throw a big carnival day for the special occasion. Our clients love interacting with each other. They practiced their competitive skills, money management skills, and engaged with peers in multiplayer games that staff came up with. These games helped our clients with fine and gross motor skills, socialization, choice-making skills, and they had fun while doing it. Let's cheer for more years to come.


April Talent Show

New Genesis Got Talent was yesterday April 18. Our clients have so much talent and yesterday they had the chance to demonstrate how talented they really are! They showed of their great moves and amazing singing skills. We even had the opportunity to take a look at their hobbies in slideshows!

talent show.jpg
talent show 1.jpg
talent show 2.jpg
talent show 3.jpg