Welcome to New Genesis Day Program!

Life is Full of New Beginnings

Life is Full of New Beginnings

We've created a day program experience unlike any other. Explore the sights and sounds of the city. Learn new skills, and achieve your goals. Build lasting friendships. Get inspired. Create something amazing. Find your spark.


What inspires you?

Let’s find out together! We specialize in inspiration, offering activities and events that help people discover their strengths, abilities and passions. Our team has a combined 25 years of experience in this field, serving people with developmental disabilities in a variety of settings and programs. We partner with local businesses and organizations to provide unique, person-centered activities and services designed to engage clients, help them learn new skills, and foster independence.

What makes New Genesis different, setting us apart from other day program services? We believe that everyone’s voice matters. Our person-centered philosophy is a cutting-edge school of thought that impacts everything we do, aiding us to create a culture of respect, diversity and equality. Our clients have the opportunity to give feedback on activity planning, events, scheduling and programming. This ensures that our daily activities are fun, engaging, and of interest to everyone involved.

Life is full of new beginnings- may this be one of your happiest ever!

Clients work closely with caring, compassionate and knowledgeable staff to achieve their personal and professional goals. We are invested in our clients’ success; to that end, we offer educational courses, group discussions, events and activities to assist them in finding employment, furthering their education, and fostering healthy friendships. We pride ourselves in being responsive to the challenges faced by our clients, and helping them achieve their goals. Dream a brighter future, with New Genesis!


Find Your Spark


What brings you joy? Everyone has a spark of inspiration inside, something that makes them happy, curious, and excited. Finding that spark and kindling the flame is our most important work.

When clients are engaged in meaningful activities that speak to their interests and passions, problematic behaviors are seen less frequently. This allows staff more time to focus on helping clients achieve their goals, inspiring them to create, and fostering independent living skills.


Our Mission

Our clients will spend their days achieving new goals, interacting with others, and building healthy friendships. New Genesis Day Program offers a variety of educational, cultural and recreational activities. We provide many opportunities for skill-building that enrich the lives of those we serve. Our program helps individuals with disabilities explore local neighborhoods safely, giving clients the opportunity to broaden their horizons, make friends and play a more active role in community life.

Just don’t give up what you’re trying to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.
— Ella Fitzgerald